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Examples of personalization in ecommerce - What is personalization?

May 7, 2021 LimeSpot Team posted in Product Recommendation, Personalization


The most successful brands capture customer attention, keeping them engaged, and coming back for more. One of the most effective ways to maintain a steady stream of interactions is through ecommerce personalization.

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Ecommerce Espresso: LimeSpot and LoyaltyLion Discuss Personalization

Feb 24, 2020 LimeSpot Team posted in Product Recommendation, A/B Test, LoyaltyLion


On February 26th, our CEO Sharon Goldstein will be joined by Fiona Stevens, Head of Marketing at LoyaltyLion, to discuss Personalization in the latest of LoyaltyLion’s Ecommerce Espresso webinar series. 

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Product Recommendation Insights from 85,711,116 Unique Visits

May 10, 2019 LimeSpot Team posted in Product Recommendation, Best Practice

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Walk past any store in the world and you’ll see the same tactics in effect: window displays showing the brand’s most attractive, best-selling products. Entering the store will see smaller displays like mannequins, collections, or recommended setups.

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