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Product Update

Personalizer App, Now Available in BigCommerce Marketplace

Dec 16, 2018 5:43:51 AM / by LimeSpot Team


LimeSpot Personalizer App, the top-rated Product Recommendation app on Shopify, with 1000+ Five-Star reviews, is now available in BigCommerce Marketplace.

Personalizer uses Machine Learning algorithms and AI to showcase the products your shoppers are most likely to buy and increases your Revenue, Conversion Rate and Basket Size.

Personalizer has a risk-free pricing structure which aims at helping clients grow and succeed: free until it drives more than 5 times the monthly subscription fee.

How LimeSpot Personalizer App Works?

LimeSpot Personalizer counteracts ‘choice overload’: having too many product options, which can lead to shoppers feeling overwhelmed by the number of product choices.

The solution is to offer fewer but more relevant products – ones suited to each customer’s needs. We extract product attributes, combine these with shopper profiles and behaviors, and deliver real-time intelligent recommendations to each individual shopper, resulting in higher conversions.

LimeSpot’s patented AI technology uses big data, linguistic analysis, shopper behavior, and intelligent machine learning to create Intelligent Recommendation Boxes (e.g. Related Products, You May Like, Most Popular, Trending, Recently Viewed and more). These showcase the products your individual customers are most likely to buy.

Enterprise retailers such as Amazon, eBay, Netflix have been using product recommendations for many years; LimeSpot’s patented technology levels the playing field for all BigCommerce online stores, giving them the kind of personalization technology only available to the big players until now.


LimeSpot’s dashboard provides analytics and reporting tools to help you keep track of your store KPIs, such as:

  • Sales details, sales funnel proportion and conversions comparison
  • Products, collections and recommendation boxes performance
  • Visitors, time spent and retention rate



LimeSpot’s Personalizer App has already proven itself as the top-rated personalization app on Shopify, with 860+ Five-Star reviews.

In December 2017, LimeSpot Personalizer drove more than $28MM in extra revenues for thousands of stores of all kinds – from fashion and accessories to furniture, from auto parts to sporting equipment, and more.

Download Impact Study

  • Quick & Seamless Installation: The components blend seamlessly with the most popular themes. We will take care of the rest for free.
  • One App for All Merchandizing Needs: Broad range of AI-based product recommendations, including cross-sell, upsell, trending, popular, and more
  • Analytics Dashboard: Get the full overview of your store's performance and how LimeSpot adds value.
  • Unmatched Support: We care about our customers and our fantastic reviews and ratings speak for themselves.



LimeSpot wants to help your shop grow and succeed. We have made Personalizer’s pricing 100% risk-free so that you pay nothing if we drive less than 5x your monthly subscription fee.


Ask a question on LimeSpot.com and a friendly LimeSpot wizard will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

LimeSpot Team

Written by LimeSpot Team