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Blog posts from guest writers for LimeSpot, The eCommerce Conversion AI. Increase Conversion Rates, Transaction Size, and Engagements on your Online Store

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Goodbye email open rates, hello different channels

Sep 7, 2021 Guest Writer


Have you heard the news about email open rates? If not, there is one very important thing that every ecommerce marketer needs to know: they’re dead.

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How fast shipping affects conversions across marketplaces

Feb 27, 2019 Guest Writer posted in Performance Improvement, Guest Article, Shipping

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Guest post


eCommerce is a tough gig. You’re competing against other sellers, brands and online marketplaces, not to mention social media, videos, and that big thing beyond the screen...real life. 

No wonder nearly seven out of every ten visitors to your Shopify store aren’t making it through the checkout. But what if we told you that there was a simple way to increase your customer conversions using fast shipping?

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