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Brittany is LimeSpot's Enterprise Marketing Manager who loves all things ecommerce, optimization, and writing - making her the perfect guru to walk you through even better ways to use LimeSpot's personalization suite.

Recent Posts

7 strategies to get your PDPs ready for the 2021 holiday season

Sep 17, 2021 Brittany posted in Product Recommendation, Best Practice, Personalization


If your home page is like the display windows on a department store when it comes to enticing shoppers to spend with you during the holidays, your product pages are the equivalent of that fitting room experience. 

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6 strategies to get your ecommerce home page ready for the 2021 holiday season

Sep 14, 2021 Brittany


The holidays are known as peak season for a reason - many brands see their revenue double during the months of November and December. Before you start counting your sales before they happen, however, recognize that even though this is the busiest time of year for retail sales, it's also the most competitive. 

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12 holiday shopper personas you need to be ready for in 2021

Sep 2, 2021 Brittany posted in Resource, Best Practice, Personalization


We all know that 2020 was an unusual year for holiday shopping, but it's unlikely holiday shopping patterns in 2021 will be business as usual. 

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